Identify (AR) Lens Gets a Major Update—Now You Can Identify Even More Known Objects in the Sky

Jun 12, 2024

Identify (AR) Lens Gets a Major Update—Now You Can Identify Even More Known Objects in the Sky

Seen something unusual in the sky? Is it a UAP/UFO…or is it Saturn? It’s the most common problem today when skywatching, when you don’t know if that distant light you’re seeing is a known object such as a satellite or something anomalous. Using the newly revamped Enigma Identify Lens in our iOS App, point your phone at the sky and now instantly identify known objects including planes, stars, planets, satellites, and soon drones in real time. And it's free to use on the Enigma iOS app.

How To Use Identify Lens:

Calibrate Lens

Navigate to the Camera's Identify tab, and first calibrate your lens by tilting your device to center the orange tic tac on the target. Ready, set, explore!

Identify Objects

Aim the target at the object to identify it instantly. Is it Jupiter, a plane, or a satellite? Now you’ll know! The sky's the limit!

Why the new Identify Lens?

We rebuilt the Identify Lens from the ground up to help you more easily watch the sky and inform you if something is a known object vs what could be UAP. It’s interactive, educational, and free for everyone across the globe.

  • Find more Objects: We added more data sources in addition to satellites, so you can now see celestial objects (stars and planets), along with real-time information about planes using ADS-B data. Just want to see one type of object such as Satellites? Simply tap to filter by object type.
  • Object Details: Focus on a single object and get detailed info, such as a plane’s distance, altitude, and speed.

Still unidentifiable? It might just be a UFO sighting:

One of the coolest reasons we built this feature is to help you figure out if that strange object in the sky is something known or perhaps, a UFO. If the Identify Lens can’t recognize the object, you might be looking at something truly anomalous!

Record your next UFO sighting with the Enigma Camera. Why?

The Enigma Camera was especially designed to capture details of the sighting that your iPhone camera can’t do. Read all about how our native camera is purposefully built for UFO sightings

One recent app user said, “I especially like that you can use it to identify stars and satellites and whatever you see in the sky. And if it’s unidentifiable you can easily hit the record button within the app.”

Already have a UFO story? Share your story with us.

The next time you see something in the sky and wonder what it is, pull out your phone and use the Enigma Identify Lens first. Happy skywatching!

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