Our Mission

Our approach is to advance progress on UAP using cutting-edge technology and social intelligence. Only through thoughtful, open-minded study of unidentified phenomena can we get answers. We are focused on building and keep our team low profile for privacy.

We are:

UAP goes beyond politics. Our company is non-partisan and open to working with everyone. We are neutral on the origins of Phenomenon and careful not to get mired in premature assumptions or logical fallacies. At this early stage, we avoid conjecture and follow the scientific analysis. Enigma is a full-time team of professionals who embrace complexity. The stakes are high and we take the mission seriously.


UAP have appeared across the planet for decades in various forms. The cross-border nature of sightings demands a global perspective. We can only hope to find answers through data, investigation, and conversation that examines the global picture.

Inclusive / Open-Minded

For over a century we have failed to advance our understanding of UAP.  Enigma has a fresh approach, using the most modern tools available. We firmly believe in attracting the brightest minds so we must be as inclusive as possible - of data, ideas, perspectives, people and mindsets.

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