Our Mission

To advance progress on UAP using cutting-edge technology and social intelligence. Only through thoughtful, open-minded study of unidentified phenomena can we get answers. We are focused on building and keep our team low profile for privacy.

We are:

UAP goes beyond politics. Our company is non-partisan and open to working with everyone. We are neutral on the origins of the phenomenon. Premature assumptions and logical fallacies can lead to the wrong conclusions. We are an aggregator of people's sighting experiences and aim to empower those studying the phenomenon with historical context, real-time alerts and analytic tools. We are open-minded and respect different opinions. We will follow the science wherever it leads.


UAP have appeared across the planet for over a century in various forms. The cross-border nature of sightings demands a global framework. We aim to find answers through investigation and conversation that examines the phenomenon from the perspective of all nations, languages and cultures on Earth.


There are individuals who have dedicated their lives to researching UAP. We are indebted to them and stand on their shoulders. Yet UAP remains a mystery. That is why Enigma adopted a fresh approach taking advantage of modern tools, business models and skillsets. In order to attract the brightest minds and build for the long term, we formed as a private company. We take the mission seriously and embrace complexity. We are a team of full-time, diverse professionals from many backgrounds – data science, machine learning, aerospace, citizen science, consumer product design, particle physics, sailing, visual arts, finance, journalism, military service and public policy, to name a few. We are grateful to everyone who has supported us so far.