Staff Engineer

New York City

About The Job

The staff engineer will report directly to the CTO, interfacing closely with engineering and non-technical teams. As both a technical manager and engineer, their responsibilities will include standardizing practices across frontend, data and backend teams, communicating scope and progress with product and non-engineering teams, as well as aiding in the ongoing architecture of the Enigma platform.

  • Work hands on with the mobile, data, and backend teams in engineering the platform
  • Communicate progress and needs to Product and Leadership teams
  • Architect and build a performant, high fidelity geospatial and social app
  • Lead the charge of maintaining code quality, organization, and automatization
  • Institute organization-wide review, testing and documentation practices
  • A history of productizing data products into commercial solutions
  • Some familiarity with GraphQL and Mapbox, or similar graph / GIS technologies
  • Robust, language agnostic programming skills
  • Experience instituting CI and test architecture at organizational scale
  • A proven ability to manage highly interdependent & fast moving engineering teams
  • GraphQL: Hasura, Postgres backed
  • ElasticSearch
  • NLP: transformers, feature extraction
  • GCP: Compute, functions, k8s
  • Data modeling
  • CI / CD: GitLab
  • Mapbox: Cross-platform mapping
  • Swift, Kotlin: iOS & Android clients
  • Typescript: Web & Node.js

Apply by emailing [email protected].

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