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We're the first data and community platform dedicated to Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP) sightings, formerly known as UFOs. We remain neutral on the explanation for UAP. We are open-minded and will follow the science wherever it leads.

Enigma is the frictionless way to share your story, discover similar sightings, and get real-time alerts. We will continue to release new tools for people to analyze and discuss anomalous sightings.

Our Platform
Sightings Data

Enigma is the largest global, standardized repository of anomalous sightings, enabling trend analysis and historical context. By focusing on structured sightings data we allow for queryability and analysis of events at scale.

Mobile Community

Our platform allows users to connect with others who have had similar sighting experiences. By sharing and socializing what we see, we can drive forward meaningful conversation.

Novel Technology

We use cutting-edge AI and sensor fusion to substantiate events and triangulate using phone metadata. We are releasing Augmented Reality tools to help witnesses better identify known objects.

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